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  1. Love it!! Grew up in Clearwater,FL… so I’m very familiar with sink holes, space shuttles blowing up and the meaning of gator bait. Would love to find out more in the entertainment behind cabbage wrestling!! When will this great tale be shown in theaters nationwide??
    Good luck!!

  2. Hi Melissa –

    Great hearing from you. We are still working on Swamp Cabbage – we are barreling toward completion in late 2010 so look for this great tale in theatres in early 2011! We’ll add you to our mailing list to keep you posted on the project.

    Sweatily yours,
    The gals from Swamp Cabbage Pictures LLC

  3. hayley, I loved it! I remember you talking about cabbage wrestling.I’ll show it to some friends.remember that movie you made with courtland and i made a shrine.I found stills of it the other day.—-jimmy trotter

    • Thank you Mr. Trotter! We’re pretty excited to finish it and get it out there. We’ll have to bring the full film to Kansas City and have a party!
      As I recall your shrine was the best part about the movie! After all that work — it came out with no sound. Whoops.
      I still have a polaroid of your shrine too.

  4. Very cool….I just got the link from Court Lewis’ email about the show coming up on American Variety Radio. Can’t wait to hear the show and see this film!

    My family goes way back in Central Florida…way, way back. Court interviewed me for a show several weeks ago. Glad you are talking about crackers, writing, filming…preserving. Thanks for doing that!

  5. I’m knocked out! Knocked me out of any oh my aching kness funk.

  6. Enjoyed the preview last night. Can’t wait to see the final product. I thought the shot of Al leaving the Wild Game Feast with Terry standing next to the van was very powerful.

    And remember gators don’t eat you they just burry you in the mud!

    • Thank you so much! It was SO GREAT to see you at the screening last night. We can’t wait to
      come back and show the whole film. See you next week at the FEAST!

  7. Alyssa and I really enjoyed last night. I have always been proud of the Cracker side of my family, last night reminded me of that. The corn cob fights and hay bailin’ have been becoming distant memories lately. I think I needed reminding right about now, and for that I thank the swampcabbage girls.

    • Thank you so much! It was great to meet you and see Alyssa again. It’s so good to hear that the film rings true for you. Look forward to showing you the finished piece!

  8. howdy from another central florida cracker. i made it all the way to portland, or. i left ocala at 18 and haven’t looked back. but now i wonder, what dark and sweaty challenges might stimulate my growth in the land of swamps, sink holes and gun racks? looking forward to your film.

    • Thanks so much! We love to hear from other florida crackers. Hope Portland is treating you well – it’s a great town. No gators though. Looking forward to showing you the finished film!

  9. Awesome. I live in S. GA now, the sand gnats are evil. The shuttle blew up above my Jr. High School also… was in 9th grade (1986) at DeLaura Jr. High, Satellite Beach.
    Looking forward to the movie!


    • Thanks so much. We’ll keep you posted on the release date – still a ways off.

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